Other Objectives of Sunlight General Trading Company:

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We constantly challenge ourselves to over time be the best in every business aspect we undertake to increase our consumer and satisfaction value to our clients and customers.


We root our success in uncompromising devotion, honesty and fairness to which the consumers market is concerned, stand behind our products supplies and services

Flexibility and efficiency

Sunlight always strive out to understand and serve our clients in unlimited ways, seek to be successful in every way our customers clients surface.


We seek to build relationship, respect and sincerity among our products’ consumers, we supply to strengthen our reputation between us and our clients us we empower them.


Sunlight construction, architectural and engineering services flourishes through we the people, the connections we make, the interactions we drive to and the adjustments in our contacts, in doing so, we bring together people of dynamic origin and culture to introduction of brands new way of life through our products and services.