To generally carry on the business of general trading or mercantile as importers, exporters, buyers, sellers, whether as whole sellers or retailers, storages, warehouse, distributors, and suppliers or dealers in goods, commodities, beverages, food items of every description or articles of all kind and whether for domestic, industrial, commercial or agricultural use

To carry on in their all respective branches all or any of the businesses of builders, masonry and general construction and haulers and among other things to construct, execute, carryout, equip, improve, work, and advertise railways, roadways, tramways, docks, harbors, wharves, canals,
watercourses, reservoirs, embankment, irrigations, reclamation, sewage, drainage and other sanitary works, water, gas, electric and other supply works, houses, buildings and erections of every kind , and to carry on any other businesses in connection with the above mentioned businesses that are customarily or usually carried on in connection therewith or naturally incidental thereto.

To carry on the business either solely or in partnership with other Companies, corporations, firms or individuals as controllers, inspectors, surveyors, agents, managing agents, contractors, factors, warehousemen, carriers, bonded transportation and warehousing,

To carry out fumigation, disinfections and deratting in ship holds, hatches of vessels or in go downs, industrial and private premises, agricultural or poultry farms.

To establish, maintain and run laboratories for analysis and testing of goods, chemicals and equipments.

To undertake and execute and trusts the undertaking whereof may seem desirable and either gratuitously or otherwise.


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Flexibility and efficiency

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